Using a combination of solar power and lithium-ion batteries, the site in Plano, Texas, was powered for almost 24 hours

This week, Swedish telecoms equipment vendor Ericsson has showcased its latest smart connected 5G site, coupling on-site renewable energy with new intelligent energy management technology.  

The site is powered by local solar panels and integrated lithium-ion batteries. When conditions are favourable, the site can be fully operated using only this renewable energy source, theoretically eliminating the need for a connection to the national power grid.  

The solution also emphasises Ericsson’s hybrid energy management capabilities, such as peak shaving, load shifting, and demand response, enabling the site to use battery power when energy rates are high and recharging them when they fall. 

In this way, operators will be able to reduce their reliance on diesel generators, as well as generating significant energy savings.  

Ericsson’s smart site solutions for hybrid energy sources are designed to help operators control costs and increase profitability – especially in rural or remote areas or private networks, where traffic volumes are lower and power consumption needs to be especially efficient,” said Ed Gubbins, Principal Analyst at Global Data. 

“Using a variety of tools to increase energy efficiency and sustainability – including solar power, lithium-ion batteries, and advanced software features – can be helpful for improving operator profitability,” he added. 

The next step in the project will explore alternative green energy sources like hydrogen-based generators, interoperability with power grid vendors, and Policy-based Battery Saver tech to further reduce energy consumption. 

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