Press Release

Evolved Intelligence today announced the supply of their Welcome SMS value added service to Sky Mobile, the newest UK MVNO. Sky Mobile look set to shake up the populated UK mobile market, using O2’s 2G, 3G and 4G mobile network across the country. They will be offering innovative and unprecedented services, including Roll, which allows customers to roll over any unused data into their online ‘piggybank’ each month, to use whenever they need for up to three years.

‘Welcome SMS from Evolved Intelligence is a service many take for granted, however it is in fact a regulatory requirement for any good network. When roaming customers connect to the Sky Mobile network, they will receive a personalised text message to welcome them and to clearly explain their roaming costs. Messages are written in the roamer’s own language and take into account their most frequently used services, enabling information to be tailored to each customer. The service is designed to provide help and assurance to the many customers who find it difficult to keep track of roaming costs – in particular the 70% of customers who simply avoid using their phone when roaming for fear of bill shock’, explained Stephen Buck, Product Director at Evolved Intelligence.

Peter Blackie, Commercial Director at Evolved Intelligence said: ‘We pride ourselves on being able to install every one of our products smoothly. Together with our partner Comfone, we provide fully hosted and managed roaming applications, which enable the implementation of our services to be completed cost-effectively in a matter of days, with no network disruption. Comfone is one of the largest international roaming-service providers in the world and has delivered a full suite of services, including signalling to Sky Mobile. Having close partnerships with the leading signalling vendors allows us to implement a wide range of roaming, fraud and security applications for mobile operators through simple configuration’.

Evolved Intelligence has deployed their Welcome SMS service to 22 customers in over 21 countries. Welcome SMS is only one of Evolved Intelligence’s many value-added services which help mobile operators to maximise their roaming revenue. Other popular and highly effective services include Steering of Roaming, Dialled Number Correction, Silent Roamer, Border and National roaming, all of which enable operators to boost revenue and increase customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive market.