At the recent Carriers World 2018, Total Telecom caught up with Mark Rohan, head of enterprise sales at Spearline. 

Mark took the time to explain how Spearline were more than just a service provider for carriers. As the lead incumbent toll and toll free number testing provider around the world, Spearline test for both Carriers and large enterprises like Google and Microsoft. 

To understand more about the Spearline proposition and some of their recent announcements, please watch the video in full below:


About Spearline

Founded in 2003, Spearline is the world’s largest toll and toll-free number testing provider. Our pro-active testing service identifies critical outages across global customer-facing contact numbers such as toll and toll-free. Organisations all over the world have the ability to identify in real time if contact numbers are failing to connect or experiencing audio quality issues. We provide a full range of end-to-end testing solutions for organisations including Manual, Automated, Mobile and Hybrid IVR testing. To find out more, click here