Press Release

David Blackburn is to become Chief Technology Officer of the G3 Comms group. G3 Comms is a specialist solutions provider that builds and deploys enterprise-grade unified communications (UC) and contact centre solutions to optimise ways of working. Bringing together world-class technology, in-house software applications and a global ecosystem of leading vendors, G3 Comms helps organisations to increase efficiencies and accelerate business performance.

David will lead the global strategy and technology roadmap to continue the company’s journey to become the leading integrator – with its own network capability, offering multi-vendor deployment of global enterprise communications. He will be fundamental to working with partners such as Tata Communications to ensure that G3 Comms is the leading Global SIP provider in the unified communications and contact centre space. David’s past experience in the Middle East, where he was influential in extending the G3 Comms global network by building a new ‘node’ in Dubai data centres, points to his expertise in building partner relationships, digital transformation and delivering smart, future-proofed network solutions.

“I’m delighted to take up this new challenge and evolve my role at what is such an exciting time for the business,” commented David. “G3 Comms has been working on some really innovative UC and contact centre projects to help existing and new clients digitally transform the way that they communicate and collaborate with their employees and customers. Corporate communication is changing rapidly and with the market set to grow further in the cloud and UCaaS areas, it’s critical that G3 Comms supports this trend with its customer-centric solutions, and flexible, robust network. I want to work closely with our customers and offer peace of mind that service levels won’t dip as they look to introduce a hybrid of on-premise and offsite unified communications and collaboration solutions that meet their business needs. To do that, we’re expanding our reach with our specialist network technologies from partners including Tata Communications, Microsoft, Avaya, Genesys, Nectar and Ribbon.”

Multinational companies need fit-for-purpose, converged global networks that are agile, scalable and supported by the highest quality of service; network carriers with their inflexible, off-the-shelf solutions are unable to provide such bespoke services. G3 Comms is able to leverage its 30-year telecoms heritage to offer an alternative approach that puts its customers’ needs first. One of David’s first tasks will be to assist the G3 Comms teams as they provide customers with unique core routing and provisioning platforms that connect with the world’s top carriers to deliver intelligent, best-fit network solutions that come with guaranteed quality of service, managed latency and an end-to-end SLA.

G3 Comms’ CEO James Arnold-Roberts commented, “David brings a wealth of experience to the role, having worked with leading telecom organisations, and was instrumental in G3 Comms growing its network backbone to offer global coverage. He will work closely with business partners to maximise greater access to leading technology vendors, and deliver the best tools and technologies to their end-customers.”