Press Release

A combination of Aricent Autonomous Network Solution (ANS) and Monolith Software’s AssureNow platform has been selected by General Communication Inc. (GCI) to integrate its enterprise infrastructure and improve communication service quality, while creating a dynamic service environment to enable the rapid delivery of new digital offering for Alaskans.

As the largest telecommunications company in Alaska, GCI provides a wide variety of services—including voice, video, broadband data services, and wireless—to businesses and residential consumers across the state.

Aricent ANS offering enables the Monolith AssureNow platform and will be utilized by GCI to unify information, automate remediation and expedite issue resolution to improve quality control and performance management. The solution provides a 360-degree view of diverse networks comprising of converged IP and infrastructure from cable, IP LAN/WAN, core, wireless, and transport domains, assuring zero-touch policy orchestration, intelligent predictive analysis, automated correlation and application performance management, thereby enhancing the digital services experience and raising operational efficiencies to the highest levels.

“GCI, together with Aricent and Monolith, will revolutionize its infrastructure under a common Manager of Manager system and improve overall capabilities,” said Keith Casey, GCI Technical Assistance Center VP. “The change will result in increased customer satisfaction, decreased network downtime, and unified monitoring across multiple systems into a single reporting system.”

“With Aricent’s help, GCI will be able to extract more value from their existing infrastructure,” said Dietmar Wendt, President, Communications at Aricent. “The combination of Monolith’s AssureNow platform and Aricent’s capabilities in autonomous networks will help improve GCI’s business outcomes through next-generation service assurance and market-leading capabilities,” he added.

The synergy between GCI’s technical expertise, Monolith’s AssureNow, and Aricent Autonomous Network Solution will strengthen GCI’s operational posture and accelerate the pace of innovation in Alaska. “Working together, we are committed to the success of GCI on its journey towards network function virtualization and software-defined networks,” said Bill Cannon, CEO, Monolith Software.

Monolith’s AssureNow platform enables end-to-end and unified service, performance, and fault management across legacy and dynamic virtualized domains. Implementation of AssureNow will enable GCI to phase out older networking tools while improving and simplifying issue tracking. Vital automation tools will improve customer experiences by expediting issue resolution.

The Aricent Autonomous Network Solution launched at Mobile World Congress offers a suite of rapid network transformation capabilities to network equipment vendors and service providers. The solution helps clients move toward self-steering networks to support new interaction paradigms and platforms that deliver new customer experiences.