Press Release

As 5G development continues in many markets across the world, early testing, standardisation efforts and trials are being undertaken to ensure the technology is prepared for large-scale commercial deployment. For these initiatives to be effective and ultimately enable mass-market deployment of 5G at a sustainable cost, increased collaboration between telecoms operators, vendors and industry partners is essential and this will be discussed and demonstrated by the participants at the Global 5G Test Summit at Mobile World Congress 2017.

The Summit, hosted by AT&T, China Mobile, NTT DOCOMO and Vodafone, will be held 28 February 2017 at the Congress in Barcelona, Spain, and will bring together key players including Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Keysight, Nokia, Qualcomm and others. In addition, the Summit is supported by industry organisations ITU, GSMA, 3GPP, NGMN, GTI.

The 5G Test Summit aims to give a clear guidance to the industry targeting a unified, global, end-to-end 5G ecosystem backed by a global, unified standard, and explore how participants are going to start the early trials and testing. Participating companies will examine how to better promote the 5G unified standard through 5G tests, explore how to strengthen co-operation between all the different companies involved in enabling 5G and address how the technical and ecosystem challenges will be overcome as 5G matures into commercial offerings.

Representatives from participating companies will share their experiences in 5G testing and trials, and look ahead to future initiatives as 5G becomes a commercial reality. A series of presentations at the Summit will reveal the efforts undertaken so far and explore the likely future shape of testing and trials for 5G.

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