Press Release

HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, today at Mobile World Congress announced the launch of iCE.X, an intelligent, scalable and secure IoT device management platform for consumer premises equipment (CPE), small cells, gateways, sensors and various IoT devices. The new platform provides seamless connectivity, zero-touch secure onboarding of devices and support for multiple protocols to accelerate the adoption of IoT use-cases across industries. The opportunity to harness IoT devices and data to deliver more personalized services and tailored experiences enables telecom and media services providers to monetize billions of connections and future-proof their business models.

"The telecom and media services industry has faced intensifying pressure to transform and develop new business models in an increasingly competitive market,” said Sukamal Banerjee, Corporate Vice President – ERS Sales (Hi Tech & Comm) and Head – IoT WoRKS™, HCL Technologies. “The continued rise of OTT services like Netflix and WhatsApp, combined with soaring customer expectations, have made it imperative for telecom and media services providers to rise beyond the role of infrastructure supplier to survive. They need to find innovative ways to unlock new revenue streams and future-proof their business. IoT is a major opportunity to do just that, creating billions of new devices, connections, and petabytes of data that are just waiting to be monetized.”

HCL iCE.X is a cloud-ready holistic IoT device management platform that goes beyond management functions, enabling service providers to monetize devices and improve customer experience in a vendor and protocol-agnostic manner. HCL iCE.X has built-in AI and machine learning capabilities and is fully-integrated with an automated analytics workbench to derive faster, actionable business insights from IoT data. This helps telecoms providers to enhance connected experiences and improve operational efficiencies through self-healing capabilities. HCL iCE.X also offers help desk agents increased visibility into subscriber networks and provides an intuitive consumer self-care portal to improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn. Providing all these capabilities through a single, unified platform significantly reduces the costs and challenges of managing diverse IoT ecosystems.

“HCL iCE.X offers service providers a single platform through which they can tap into the enormous potential the IoT has to offer,” said Sukamal Banerjee. “Based on over 20 years’ experience working with major telecom and media services providers, HCL has a deep knowledge and understanding of the technical challenges and business use-cases that the industry is facing and exploring. That insight has been brought to bear in the development of an intelligent platform that meets regulatory and IoT security requirements for building and managing a complex IoT ecosystem, thereby enabling service providers to turn the ever-increasing amounts of data from IoT devices into actionable intelligence for tangible business value.”

HCL will be unveiling iCE.X at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it will be showcased alongside other key solutions for 5G and software-defined networking / network function virtualization (SDN/NFV). To find out more, visit HCL at its Chalet in 2H40, Hall 2 at the Fira Gran Via.