America’s loss could be the UK’s gain, as Huawei looks to re-balance its overseas investment portfolio

Chinese tech giant, Huawei, has reiterated its commitment to investing in the UK’s mobile and fixed line telecoms sectors, as the country looks to fast track its 5G and FTTH rollout programmes. 

Despite pressure from the US to ban Huawei from 5G in Europe, the UK’s security services have hinted this week that they are prepared to work with Huawei to overcome any security concerns. 

Speaking to the BBC, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei said: “We will continue to invest in the UK. We still trust in the UK. If the US doesn’t trust us, then we will shift our investment from the US to the UK on an even bigger scale.”

Huawei has been present in the UK’s telecoms market for 18 years and is a key player in the country’s 3G and 4G mobile network infrastructure. China’s biggest network equipment provider employs over 1,500 people in the UK and has invested around £2 billion in the UK.  

Huawei has also unveiled plans to spend a further £3 billion in the UK over the next 3 years, as the country ploughs ahead with the rollout of its 5G mobile networks. 

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