The group is intended to stimulate collaboration and the sharing of best practice within the smart manufacturing sector

Huawei Wireless X Labs has created the Wireless Connected Factory Special Interest Group (SIG) to bring together partners and collaborators in the field of smart industrial technology, smart manufacturing and robotics.  

In collaboration with a host of industry leaders, including ABB, Bosch and Schneider Electric, the Wireless Connected Factory SIG will help to fund research and promote applications for 5G communication technologies within the smart manufacturing sector.

"Huawei hopes that SIGs such as those set up by X Labs can discover and inspire many more 5G use cases and promote 5G technologies’ application in future smart manufacturing. Such efforts will contribute to the rise of connected factories. Huawei will work diligently alongside its partners to simulate further growth and innovation," said Huawei’s president of wireless research and development, Ying Weimin.

The transformative potential that Internet of Things (IoT) technology will have on the manufacturing sector cannot be overstated. Research conducted by Huawei X Labs, there will be 12.5 billion smart connections within the manufacturing sector by 2020. Factory networks could represent a $50 billion industry in their own right, according to the research.   

At the first meeting of the Wireless Connected Factory SIG, held in China, numerous memorandums of understanding (MoUs) were signed, between Huawei and ABB, Hikrobot, Effort, Geely, and Beckhoff. It is hoped that the MoUs will commit the participants to further collaboration and knowledge sharing, within the smart engineering sector.