Press Release

The company is set to explore the road to 5G, optical switching and high power charging systems as part of its anniversary in South East Asia

Subang Jaya, Malaysia, 09 November, 2018 – HUBER+SUHNER, leading manufacturer of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity is set to mark a successful twenty years of presence in Malaysia with an exclusive Technology Forum event in the city of Subang Jaya on 29 November.

As part of the milestone celebrations, a number of keynote speeches will take place on the day, from captivating thought leadership concepts to updates on a selection of the company’s specialities – including the vast challenges of 5G, its industry-leading innovations in optical switching and the development of the company’s answer to High Power Charging (HPC) systems.

“We are delighted to be marking such a long and prosperous presence here in Malaysia,” said Nik Wason, Managing Director at HUBER+SUHNER Southeast Asia. “Since we opened our office location here in 1998, both our portfolio and technology has advanced greatly, which will be evident in the presentations that will be delivered as part of our celebratory technology forum.”

Focusing on the forthcoming networking topology changes necessary to prepare for the growing capacity requirements, as well as the complexity of the future 5G networks themselves, Fritz Landolt – Chief Operating Officer, Fiber Optics/Mobile Communication & Industry, will be showcasing the company’s 5G-ready portfolio on the day. HUBER+SUHNER has been developing highly adaptive networking infrastructure to optimise each stage of the 5G evolution for a number of years, and is continuously developing new and innovative technologies in this sector.

Software control of the physical fiber layer is becoming increasingly important. The latest developments in all-optical switching- Polatis will also be discussed at the forum, with Drew Martin – Market Manager of Optical Switching. The Polatis portfolio’s highly reliable piezoelectric Directlight® beam-steering technology sets the industry standard for lowest optical loss and highest performance. Used throughout a number of industries including Oil & Gas, Data Centers, and other telecommunication applications, the technology enables rapid provisioning, protection, reconfiguration and test directly at the fiber layer.

Celebrating the company’s milestone developments in radiation crosslinking technology, Frank Thorn, Head of Market Unit LF Industry, will be presenting the renowned RADOX® portfolio, a specially developed cable insulation material in quality and high performance mainly for harsh environments such as the Railway and Oil & Gas sectors.

Thorn will also expand upon the RADOX® portfolio’s High Power Charging (HPC) system for Electric Vehicles, which allows the power-throughput of a charging system to be multiplied. With charging times below 15 minutes (80% State of Charge), the development puts super-fast charging within reach even with big battery packs of new electric vehicles and trucks.

Due to the integrated cooling system the system also offers a much smaller cable cross section than traditional options. The cables are thin, highly flexible, lightweight and easy to handle. This technology has been a great success already – H+S recently announced it is now the Tier 1 supplier to leading China EV manufacturer Geely.

The exclusive event will be taking place on Thursday, November 29 at the Dorsett Grand Hotel in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Other key delegates from HUBER+SUHNER taking part include Drew Nixon (COO, Global Sales) as well as Patrick Riederer (COO, LF Division).

The company will also be holding a Gala Dinner, with delegates from the Embassy of Switzerland in Malaysia, including Werner Bardill, Deputy Head of Mission on the day.