Press Release

Intracom Telecom, a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor, announced that it has been recognized with the “Solution Plus Partner” award in the Intel Network Builders 2020 Winners’ Circle Awards program. This distinction acknowledges Intracom Telecom’s contribution to the acceleration of fifth generation networks and virtual network transformation, as well as its outstanding collaboration with the Intel Network Builders ecosystem.

Intel Network Builders, a trusted global, mature ecosystem, evaluates annually the partners that are fully aligned with its mission to drive digital innovations that accelerate network transformation. Intracom Telecom became a valuable member within the Intel Network Builders ecosystem in 2017 and since then elevates its contribution constantly. In this framework, back in 2019 the company was recognized as a “Solution Partner”, only to take it to the next level this year by demonstrating technical leadership and showcasing its groundbreaking NFV Resource Intelligence™ (NFV-RI™) platform and becoming a “Solution Plus Partner”.

Intracom Telecom’s NFV-RI™ was recognized by Intel’s Network Builders program for the delivery of virtualized and cloud-ready applications based on Intel technology, edge applications and 5G solutions integrated with commercial products. The AI-powered platform optimizes the execution of virtualized Network Services (NS) and the operation efficiency of the infrastructure they run on. Moreover, NFV-RI™ enables automated decision-making, optimizing distribution and configuration of resources under any traffic & collocation condition, so that Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are always maintained and resources are used cost-efficiently. All this adds up to solving a highly complex challenge that goes beyond human expertise, something that is highly required in the 5G era.

Sotiris Bithas, Telco Software Marketing Director of Intracom Telecom, highlighted: “Becoming a Solution Plus Partner within Intel’s Network Builder ecosystem is an important recognition for Intracom Telecom, as it testifies to our commitment to develop innovative solutions that drive digital transformation and innovation. While we keep investing and further enhancing our NFV & 5G portfolio, we are looking forward to our next distinction with Intel and all our partners and customers, building further on our common goal to improve our customers’ operations & boost their customers’ experience with our pioneering technologies.”