The Lithuanian telecoms regulator, Communications Regulatory Authority (Rysiu Reguliavimo Tarnyba, RRT), has published its plans for the country’s first 5G spectrum auction

Today, Lithuania moved one step closer to finally launching commercial 5G services, with regulator RRT finalising the auction of spectrum in the 700MHz band. 

The auction is set to make 2×10 MHz and two 2×5 MHz blocks of spectrum available in the 713¬¬¬¬-733 MHz and 768-788 MHz bands, respectively. Starting prices are set at €5 million for the 2x10Mhz blocks and €3 million for the 2x5MHz blocks.

Each operator will be limited to bidding for a single block of frequencies, with winners obligated to provide connectivity services of at least 30 Mbps or 15 Mbps (for the larger or smaller blocks, respectively) for at least 80% of Lithuanian households, international transport corridors, motorways, railways, airports, and seaports. 

They will also have to roll out services in at least one of the countries five major cities within six months, and cover all five by 2024.

The auction, like so many around the world, was partially delayed by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but internal disputes also played a major role in the auction’s tardiness. 

“Difficult negotiations with neighbouring countries, responsible preparation of the spectrum, such as the release of part of the television frequencies, listening to market and consumer expectations – all these processes were essential elements for us to properly prepare for the auction. In approving the conditions of the auction, we were guided by the principles of transparency and equality, the best practices of other countries and pursued the most important goal – advanced, safe and accessible services for Lithuanian consumers,” explained RRT Director Feliksas Dobrovolskis

Lithuania will be one of the last countries in Europe to launch their initial 5G auction.


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