Press Release

Mobileum Inc. (Mobileum), a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming and risk management solutions for global communications service providers (CSPs), today announced the appointment of VVR Kishore as its new Chief of Roaming Business.

Following the appointment, Kishore will become responsible for all aspects of the company’s roaming business unit’s operations globally. A founding director of the business, Kishore has already contributed significantly to Mobileum’s growth and to the development of many of its market-leading products and solutions as well as overseeing its Research and Development program, taking charge of its customer support operations and helping to build the company’s professional services portfolio.

Announcing the appointment, Mobileum CEO Bobby Srinivasan said that Kishore’s appointment completed a strong line-up of experienced executives to lead the fast-growing company’s three business units – Roaming, Fraud & Revenue Assurance, and Security.

“Following the acquisitions of Evolved Intelligence late last year, and WeDo Technologies this month, we have assembled a powerful portfolio of business solutions and services within a three-business unit structure each headed by experienced, strategically focussed, mobile industry executives.

“Importantly for our 700 operator customers,” he added, “we are also uniquely positioned to feed insights and data from each area of our operations into our Active Intelligence platform in order to provide integrated learnings that can inform business decisions and fuel profitability.”

Kishore takes his place in the senior management structure alongside Rui Paiva, formerly CEO of WeDo, who will lead the Fraud and Revenue Assurance business, and SVP and GM Miguel Carrero, who will take overall responsibility for the Security business unit.

Prior to joining Mobileum, Kishore worked with Citigroup Overseas Software Ltd., directing their middleware infrastructure team. Before that, he worked with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. in their software division. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer technology from Nagpur University, India, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in finance and systems from Symbiosis, Pune, India.

“These are exciting times for the company,” said Kishore. “We have the opportunity to add real value to operators by offering a unique mix of best-of-breed products, solutions and services across our three distinct business units augmented by the ability to integrate the intelligence gathered to deliver real business analysis and insight.”