Press Release

RouteThis, a global leader in remote WiFi network diagnostics and troubleshooting for internet service providers (ISPs) and smart home brands, today announced the launch of RouteThis Resolve, created for ISPs this is the industry’s first fully-integrated WiFi diagnostics and troubleshooting platform.

This end-to-end solution comes when WiFi reliability is more important than ever before. As the $99-billion market of connected Smart Homes and the Internet of Things become more of a reality every day, WiFi networks must support not just computers and phones, but streaming devices, virtual assistants, plus a host of smart doorbells, thermostats, fridges, and other devices. In addition, the majority of workers in North America are still working from home. And although many offices are reopening their doors as COVID restrictions begin to lift, many workers will be staying home (at least some of the time) for the foreseeable future. At the end of 2020, 71% of the US workforce was working remotely, and more than half of them expressed the desire to continue doing so even after restrictions are lifted.

Because of this, intermittent and slow WiFi service are a serious threat to businesses everywhere. And yet they are extremely common: ISPs report that 80% of service calls are WiFi related and that 90% of calls require customer education to solve. It’s important to note that WiFi connectivity issues are separate from general internet outages, and include problems like slow speeds or long buffering times, unreliable connections, and other disruptions to productivity.

Until recently many ISPs have been hesitant to support issues inside the home past the traditional demarcation point of the router/modem. Their service capabilities began and ended with their own infrastructure, and what happened once it hit the customer’s own equipment was essentially the customer’s problem to fix. But many customers don’t know the difference between the ISP’s internet network and their own WiFi, which puts service providers in a tough situation, as it’s a bad customer experience waiting to happen and it can even put the ISP at risk of losing the customer.

The Resolve platform from RouteThis offers a single-point solution to these problems, one that will significantly reduce call handle time and save countless on-site service calls for ISPs while helping individuals stay online for both work and play. It consistently yields high-quality customer experiences regardless of technical aptitude.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Resolve to ISP support teams around the world,” said Jason Moore, CEO of RouteThis. “Over the last few years, we’ve seen a shift in customer expectations that ISPs can and will solve WiFi issues—but providers need the right tools to succeed in that. We built the Resolve platform to be that tool and to do something that no other solution in the industry does: Consider both the agent and customer experience throughout a support interaction. With everything it does for both sides, Resolve redefines what it means for these teams to deliver a world-class support experience.”

Resolve leverages RouteThis’ strong track record of enabling ISPs to supply better service at a lower cost, with a reduced number of on-site support calls from technicians. It introduces the next-generation improvement so desperately needed to keep pace with the rapidly expanding role of WiFi in our daily lives.