Press Release

Syntropy announces the first-of-its-kind virtual gaming competition for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) on June 5th and 6th. The tournament is made possible through a partnership with DatHost, a major CS:GO hosting company with over 250,000 users. The goal of the tournament is to put Syntropy’s Windows Application and other underlying pieces of technology to the test while seamlessly connecting hundreds of players through secure VPN connections in real-world gaming applications.

DatHost is providing Syntropy with dedicated gaming servers where they have already deployed Syntropy Agent software, allowing gamers to connect to tournament matches through the Syntropy Windows application and Discord integration. A global audience will be able to tune it live to the tournament and watch the competition unfold.

“We thought the best way to test our new technology in real time was to put it in practice by welcoming our target users, the gaming community, to test it out for themselves in a fun, creative way,” says Augustas Radziukas, Growth Lead at Syntropy. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with DatHost and influencers to make this weekend possible for our gaming community”

The gamer community may see some familiar names during the tournament as well-known gamers will be able to join different teams and play among the hundreds of other gamers.

In order to facilitate healthy competition, Syntropy is going to select teams based on the average rank of the players. Syntropy has slots for 32 teams with 5 players each who must reside in Europe. The tournament will also be broadcasted live with virtual attendees tuning in from around the world. Teams will split the prize pool of $25,000 paid in NOIA tokens which can be applied when deploying Syntropy’s technology.

For more information about the Syntropy CS:GO Tournament visit click here. To tune in live to the event, visit: