Apple has lost ground in the global smartphone market and is now only the third biggest producer of smartphones in the world, behind Samsung and Huawei

Californian tech Giant, Apple, has been dealt another blow, as the US Supreme Court ruled to allow an anti-monopoly suit to progress.

The suit has been filed by a group of consumers who accused Apple of overcharging for apps bought and sold over its App Store platform.

Apple currently receives 30 per cent of the cost of all apps purchased via the App Store. The claimants argue that this represents an unfair amount and relies on the company’s monopoly position.  

The panel of 9 Supreme Court Judges ruled by a margin of 5-4 to uphold the lower court’s decision to proceed with the suit.

Apple has lost a series of high-profile court cases in recent month’s relating to its infringement of other firm’s intellectual property.

Recently, Apple opted to settle a dispute with chip manufacturer Qualcomm, over the use of its chipsets in its most recent iPhone models.

The pair had been pursuing each other in a series of tit-for-tat law suits around the globe.

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