Press Release

NetBit Electronics, the only major power supply company with an exclusive focus on customer premises equipment (CPE), has developed a fully safety compliant power supply unit using 50% PCR case material, model: NPD20AD5. Their mid-term goal is to increase this figure to 80% with robust textures and finishes.

‘Post-Consumer Recycled Materials’ (PCR) are created from reprocessed plastics that have been used, recycled, and repurposed from household or commercial waste (majority of this from packaging). NetBit has a mission to reduce the use of virgin plastics and cut down carbon footprint within the electronics industry.

Dennis Probert, NetBit Global Account Manager adds: “This is an important step in our eco-journey. Having a product that is made from 50% PCR is a great milestone to achieve and enables us to cut virgin plastic usage in half. We look forward to increasing this figure in the future as we further develop our eco measures. ”