UK5G will work closely with the UK government, academics and industry to fast track 5G development in the UK

The UK’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has launched UK5G – a new initiative that aims to establish the UK as a world leader in the development and deployment of 5G technology. 

The UK5G innovation network will be comprised of industry representatives and thought leaders from across the telecoms sector. 

“The government is determined that the UK be a world-leader in 5G and that we provide reliable, high-speed connectivity to our towns, cities and rural areas. We are rightly very excited about what UK5G can do for the growing 5G ecosystem in the UK, to help make that vision a reality. I’m delighted to endorse UK5G’s very impressive advisory board membership and look forward to working closely with them as we develop future plans for the 5G Programme,” said Ian Smith, DCMS, director for 5G Testbeds and Trials.

UK5G will seek to bring together industry, researchers and research organisations, the public sector, entrepreneurs, innovators and end users to accelerate the development of 5G services in the UK. 

“UK5G is a wonderful opportunity for industry and our research base to work hand in hand with Government to help promote the development of 5G, through test bed and trials funding, policy-making and network support,” said Rosalind Singleton, chair of UK5G’s advisory board.