Brazilian agricultural machinery specialist Jacto will work with Nokia to deploy a LTE and 5G private wireless network at its factory in the province of Sao Paulo

This week, Nokia has revealed its latest private network project, working alongside Brazilian multinational corporation Jacto to upgrade their burgeoning smart factory in Pompeia, within the province of Sao Paulo.

The factory in question spans 96,000 square metres and manufactures numerous types of agricultural machinery. The newly deployed private network, which will reportedly use 700 MHz spectrum to provide 4.9G/LTE connectivity and 3.7 GHz spectrum for 5G, will allow for the automation of numerous production processes. These include automated painting systems, autonomous vehicle handling, and automated storage, all of which will result in significant efficiencies for Jacto’s production line.

“The new plant will serve both domestic and foreign markets, with product lines for spraying, fertilizing, planting, harvesting coffee and sugar cane, in addition to precision agriculture, digital technology and autonomous vehicles,” explained Fernando Gonçalves, President at Jacto.

Nokia says the deal is the first of its kind related to agricultural machinery in Latin America.

In related news, Nokia has also announced the release of a new and more compact Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) private wireless offering, suggesting that it is ideally suited for smaller industrial sites, particularly warehouses.

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