The pair will undertake a series of tests in an urban setting, to see how 5G lab tests translate into a real world setting

Orange has teamed up with Chinese tech giant, Huawei, to conduct urban 5G testing in Poland. The pair have launched a 5G testing station in the Polish city of Gliwice, which will provide valuable insight into 5G network demands outside of the laboratory.   

Orange and Huawei will conduct a series of tests that will help Orange Polska to intelligently construct its 5G networks, based on the specific needs of an urban centre. 

The tests will assess the impact of dense urban developments, high buildings or atmospheric conditions on the 3.4-3.6 GHz frequencies that will underpin 5G rollout. 

“We’re coming outside of the laboratory to check how the prepared solutions work ‘in battle’. The tests carried out in Gliwice allow us to analyse how they function in real life urban conditions. The implementation of 5G will bring a qualitative change. It will not only benefit individual users, but also industry or, more broadly, the entire economy. In order to launch a new generation of mobile network efficiently and effectively, we need clear rules of the game, arranging matters such as frequencies, electromagnetic standards, or the investment process. We are looking forward to discussions with the government and telecom authority regarding the regulation of these issues,” said Jean-François Fallacher, CEO of Orange Poland.

During the tests, Orange and Huawei engineers will use a Massive MIMO antenna, marking a step change from those used in the country’s 4G networks.

Huawei will be a key player in 5G rollout across the world, and the tests in Poland are a good opportunity for the company to perfect a number of cutting edge techniques that will facilitate large scale rollout.   

“Our plans for this year include a number of 5G network launches worldwide. The mobile Internet will enter a new era in which the communication of all devices will be the driving force of the digital transformation of the industry. In turn, in 2019, Huawei plans to launch 5G smartphones to provide users with excellent experience when using the 5G network. At Huawei, we want to support the Polish Government and entrepreneurs in order to introduce new solutions for society. Cooperation with Orange is important for us and we are convinced that thanks to the joint efforts in the implementation of 5G technologies, Poland is becoming the leader in the use of the latest ICT solutions,” said Tonny Bao, managing director of Huawei Poland.

In recent tests, Huawei and Orange achieved network speeds of 1.8Gbps between the transmitting station and the first commercial 5G modem. In urban conditions, and at larger distances, speeds of 1.5 Gbps were achieved. 


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