Under the terms of the agreement, Orange Polska will gain access to Inea’s full fibre network

Orange Polska has signed an agreement with regional cable operator Inea to gain access to its fibre network, giving the company access to 40,000 fibre to the home connections.

Inea’s fibre optic network is located in the Wiekopolska region and will give Orange additional reach in the area.

“We are consistently investing in the development of our fibre-optic network, and this year we will spend up to PLN800 million ($216 million) for this purpose. Cooperation with over 20 operators, such as Inea, helps us reach new customer groups faster without unnecessary duplication of infrastructure. It is definitely a more effective approach,” said Tomasz Kowal, director of regional development at Orange Polska.

The scheme is intended to help reduce costly overbuild, as the country looks to accelerate the rollout of full fibre services on a national level.

By the close of 2019, the partnership will be extended to provide Orange Polska with access to an additional 370,000 FTTH connections across the country.  

Orange Polska provides almost 3 million FTTH connections across Poland and has publicly stated its intention to deliver 5 million connections by 2020.

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