At the Autonomous Networks Summit 2022 held by TM Forum in Bangkok, Thailand, Lin Yongming, Huawei’s Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) Chief Strategy Officer, delivered a keynote speech titled “Pave the Way to High-level Autonomous Networks with the Huawei ADN Solution” and released the Striding Towards the Intelligent World White Paper — Autonomous Driving Network.

With the rapid development of ICT technologies, digital transformation has profoundly changed human society and is delivering tremendous value despite the impact of numerous uncertainties. More than 170 countries have initiated their digital strategies, promoting a positive growth for digital economy over the past two years (and a growth rate of 15.6% in 2021), even though global GDP growth witnessed fluctuations due to the pandemic.

Along the journey towards an intelligent world, intelligent network automation will become a strategic focus for network transformation and areas of investment for communication service providers (CSPs). The intelligent digital infrastructure is built based on the capabilities of self-configuration, self-healing, and self-optimizing, making ADN one of Huawei’s important ICT strategies. Lin said, 2025 is a key milestone for Huawei’s ADN to reach Level 4 in order to support higher bandwidth and more diversified services. Huawei characterizes Level 4 ADN from six aspects, including Zero-X (zero-wait, zero-trouble, zero-touch) and Self-X (self-configuration, self-healing, and self-optimizing). Networks need to provide Self-X capabilities in order to deliver a Zero-X user experience. Level 3 ADN frees your hands and uses machines to assist you, while Level 4 ADN frees your mind and lets you assist machines, he explained.

Over the past three years, Huawei has been committed to promoting collaboration among nine standards organizations and improving the Autonomous Networks standards system. Huawei has participated in more than 36 Autonomous Networks standards projects, contributed more than 300 proposals, and hopes to further collaborate with industry partners in the future to work on key Autonomous Networks technologies and APIs in order to build a mature Autonomous Networks standards system.

As a vendor, Huawei has never ceased to develop innovative products and technologies. The ADN solution is a result of this continuous effort. Based on TM Forum’s Autonomous Networks architecture featuring full-stack AI, this solution is developed to offer digital intelligent capabilities at three different layers. At the network element (NE) layer, smart devices, smart boards, and smart protocols are introduced to implement native intelligence. At the network layer, intelligent management, control, and analysis platforms are deployed to implement single-domain autonomy. At the service layer, the intelligent engine is introduced to implement autonomous closed-loop management for services. Lin also said, Huawei’s ADN solution can improve the quality, revenue, and O&M efficiency for ToC, ToB, and ToH customers.

Lin officially released the Striding Towards the Intelligent World White Paper — Autonomous Driving Network. This white paper shares insights on the trends of intelligent network automation, and offers action plans and suggestions for evolving towards high-level Autonomous Networks, continuously promoting industry development. In particular, 10 forward-looking trends of intelligent network automation are highlighted alongside the ADN solution panorama, providing systematic guidance for intelligent network evolution.

At last, Lin concluded by saying that Huawei’s ADN is a solution characterized by full-stack AI at the NE, network, and service layers, which is developed based on TM Forum’s Autonomous Networks architecture and the principles of native intelligence, single-domain autonomy, and cross-domain collaboration. Huawei is also looking forward to launching extensive collaboration with global CSPs to achieve their goals of reaching Level 3 Autonomous Networks by 2023 and Level 4 by 2025, embracing the 5.5G era and jointly striding towards an intelligent world.

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