Press Release

Percona, a leader in open source database software and services, today announced that Mi-C3, a specialist in digital transformation solutions and real-time data management, has signed with Percona for Support and Consulting Services around its critical PostgreSQL databases in their flagship product, Affectli.

Mi-C3 implements and manages a powerful Business Operating System and digital transformation solution for organizations looking to own their data, improve risk management, increase innovation, improve efficiencies and make meaningful data-driven decisions through its unique ability to orchestrate disparate systems seamlessly into a single real-time overview of the organization.

Mi-C3 is the creator of Affectli, which combines Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices, big data analytics, process automation, AI, and contextual collaboration to enable organizations to manage their entities and processes in one workplace and make them more effective. The company supports a range of industries within highly complex environments, including oil and gas, transport and logistics, telecommunications, mining, park management, and conservation.

This partnership allows Mi-C3 to take advantage of Percona’s team of open source database experts, who have years of experience providing unbiased open source database advice, solutions and best practices.

Martin James, Vice President EMEA at Percona, said: “When you are dealing with complex systems implementations and real-time data, you need the utmost performance and reliability. PostgreSQL is an obvious choice for this scenario, and Percona’s team of PostgreSQL experts are well placed to help Mi-C3 make the most of this database technology. Percona helps enterprises successfully utilize open source PostgreSQL to get the most out of their applications and reach their business goals.”

Glen Scott, Founder & CEO at Mi-C3, said: “Affectli is a trusted, mission critical platform for our customers. With our SOC2 and ISO certification, we continuously strive to provide world-class features, tools, and services that exceed our clients’ expectations on all levels. Working with Percona, we now have increased Enterprise Support access for our critical PostgreSQL database instances so we can ensure we meet our customers’ needs around availability, reliability and performance.”

Percona helps companies maximize application performance and achieve a high ROI, by ensuring their open source databases achieve high performance levels regardless of the architecture on which it is built, and where it is deployed.

Percona Support provides comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective database support 24 hours a day. Percona Consulting ensures your database is fully optimized to ensure the best possible performance for business-critical applications and websites.

Percona employs a global network of experts and has helped more than 3,000 customers, including Cisco, Adobe, Intel and Netflix, make the most of their open source databases.