Press Release

Polaris Networks, a leading provider of wireless protocol test tools, today announced the launch of the latest addition to its product portfolio – the Location Based Services (LBS) Tester. This test tool provides Mobile Network Operators and Network Equipment Manufacturers the ability to easily create a complete test bed to verify the implementation of location services. The Polaris LBS Tester is a combination of an LBS Functional Tester and LBS Load Tester. As a Functional Tester, it verifies 3GPP compliance of an LBS implementation. As a Load Tester, it helps characterize the scalability and performance of a location server based on key performance metrics. To test scalability, it simulates a large number of SETs (SUPL enabled terminals) and UEs (User Equipment) making location services requests on the location server, and to benchmark performance, it executes positioning procedures with the location server . This product is a one-stop solution for location server vendors to test LBS functionality during product development and scalability testing and KPI benchmarking as part of quality assurance.

The LBS tester has among its key features the testing of different types of positioning methods, such as AGPS, OTDOA and ECID; the provisioning of Periodic and Area Event Triggered Services; and the exercising of SUPL procedures in proxy and non-proxy mode. It also helps simulate signaling scenarios – from normal/abnormal/failure scenarios to changing transaction rates during tests.

“The Polaris LBS Tester offers the best possible test setup to assess the all-round quality of the LBS network”, said Mr. Aditya Saraf, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Polaris Networks. “All leading Network Operators and Telecom Equipment Manufacturers will surely find this a reliable and proven solution for their location services related testing requirements”.