Press Release

Microids joins the ranks of great game publishers partnering with RemoteMyApp to make their titles available on the cloud. The French publisher has already licensed several of its top games to Deutsche Telekom’s MagentaGaming. This German cloud gaming platform, launched in August 2020, is powered by the best-in-class streaming technology supplied by RemoteMyApp (“RMA”).

Deutsche Telekom’s MagentaGaming subscribers can now experience an exciting mixture of action and adventure thanks to Astérix & Obelix titles, namely Asterix & Obelix XXL 2, Astérix & Obelix XXL 3: The Crystal Menhir, and Asterix & Obelix XXL – Romastered. Other Microids’ games licensed to MagentaGaming users via RMA are Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Garfield Kart – Furious Racing, Blacksad – Under the Skin, and Yakari Wild Ride.

Microids was established in Paris in 1985 by Elliot Grassiano. Apart from the well-known games mentioned above, the publisher possesses a varied catalog including franchises such as Syberia, an indie label (with games like Fallback and Murder Mystery Machine). My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant or Professeur Rubik’s Brain Fitness, accessible through the Microids’ Life brand, are examples of more casual titles welcomed and appreciated by all generations.

Here is how Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids, comments on the new partnership between RMA and Microids: “We are very thrilled to be working with RMA. Thanks to their cloud gaming technology and different partnerships like Deutsche Telekom, we are able to bring our content to a wider audience. We are looking forward to seeing more players trying our games.”

RMA is really excited to reveal that Microids is an official partner of ours. Andreas Hestbeck, the CEO of RMA, says: “Microids’ planned releases for 2021, although confidential for the moment, will surely enchant many gamers. They constitute a masterful recreation of many unforgettable literary works and television productions most people know and cherish. It was perfectly clear from the start that the great stories from Microids would captivate the players and increase the quality of any cloud gaming offering. We are excited to take this journey together.”

Dominik Lauf, Program Lead and Chief Product Officer at MagentaGaming from Deutsche Telekom also referred to the partnership: “Microids and RMA’s cooperation gives DT the opportunity to add highly valuable and well-known titles to our platform. At Magenta Gaming, we are now focused on the full game features adoptions, i.e. leaderboards, in-game achievements and multiplayer functions, to enable a superior user experience. We encourage developers and publishers to support us here. Of course, DT is rooting for this and any future content partnerships of RMA.”

RemoteMyApp is a cloud gaming technology B2B2C provider. It can supply an entire dedicated cloud gaming solution for B2B partners or offer reselling partnerships for its successful B2C product, The game publishers that have already teamed up with RMA to make its white-label proposition outstanding are Plug in Digital and 505 Games. On the other end of the spectrum, the recent partnership with PM Connect, a mobile payments and digital marketing specialist, who is reselling with Orange in Belgium, has proven our flexibility and understanding of the cloud gaming market needs. RMA has a track record with telecommunication companies and is keen to advise on the best possible infrastructure and state-of-the-art hardware choice.

RemoteMyApp has been active in the cloud gaming market since 2014. The company, being the synonym of quality and top-grade technology, got its exclusive feature by Newzoo – the leading supplier of games market data – in the March Global Cloud Gaming Report Update.