Press Release

TEOCO, the leading provider of analytics, assurance and optimization solutions to over 300 communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide, today announces the release of Helix 11.2, the latest version of its Service Assurance Solution.

TEOCO’s commitment to increasing productivity within CSPs’ operational departments underpins the continuous improvements to the Helix SA Solution. Through technology upgrades, improved machine learning (ML) analytics, unified visualization, and further integration into the cloud, makes this upgrade our most usable and intuitive software release.

The aim of Helix 11.2 is to reduce the complexity of network management by focusing on four key pillars:

Future Proofing Technology: Helix Service Discovery discovers new services and technologies such as 5G slices, 5G virtualized RAN, and other virtualized services. To simplify their management, Logical Dynamic Groups allows Operations to dynamically monitor these new 5G services or slices across multiple resources and technologies.

Analytics: Automated discovery and ranking of anomalies across time and seasons improves route cause analysis by finding impossible to see changes that are normally missed through manual analysis, greatly improving user productivity.

Unified Visualization: Helix 11.2 brings a new active alarm management module (iCruiser) within Sentinel, creating a truly unified working display with integrated user flows and more efficient operational processes.

Cloud and Security: As more network capabilities become cloud-native, so Helix evolves to match CSPs’ needs for cloud scalability, integration and most importantly, data security.

“TEOCO’s customer base are keen to implement Service Assurance solutions that help them improve and streamline their operations,” said Shachar Ebel, CTO, TEOCO. “Which is reflected in our latest Helix 11.2 update, where we focus on using intelligent analytics, within an integrated SA solution, to improve operational productivity. By focusing on the core needs of our customer base, TEOCO ensures we deliver real solutions for everyday tasks.”