The new cable will provide ultra-low latency connectivity between Africa and the Americas

The South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) has landed in Fortaleza Brazil, providing super-fast subsea connectivity between Africa and South America for the first time. 

SACS is the first ever trans-Atlantic cabling system to directly link the continents of South America and Africa.

Speaking at the Submarine Networks Europe event in London on Wednesday, Artur Mendes, CCO at Angola Cables, said that the cable would provide lightning fast connectivity between Angola and Brazil, with latency levels of just 63 milliseconds. As a former Portuguese territory, Angola consumes a lot of Portuguese language content, originating in Brazil. However, the implications of connecting the two former Portuguese territories is more wide reaching than that.   

"The intent here is not merely to connect Angola with Brazil but rather to connect the whole of continental Africa with the whole of South America," said Mendes. 

Angola Cables also owns and operates the Monet cable, which links Brazil with Miami in the US. The completion of the SACS cable will, in effect, allow for trans-Atlantic traffic from Africa to reach the US via Brazil. 

SACS is the first trans-Atlantic cabling system in the southern hemisphere, compared with 17 or 18 in the north.  

"We are changing the emphasis of trans-Atlantic data traffic from being very northern hemisphere centric. We are opening up the potential in the southern hemisphere," said Mendes.