Singapore and Tokyo also scored well in a new industry report that evaluated 12 Asian cities for mobile connectivity

Seoul has been revealed as the best city in Asia for 4G speed and availability, following the publication of a new report by OpenSignal.

The South Korean capital scored a near perfect 4G availability rate of 97.9 per cent and clocked an average download speed of 48.3Mbps.

"This came as little surprise as not only did the city come top in our analysis of 4G speeds in East Asia cities, but South Korea was the leading country for LTE reach in our most recent global State of LTE report," Open Signal said in a blog post earlier this week.

OpenSignal believe that 4G availability in Seoul will continue to creep up over the next few months but says that it is unlikely that the city will ever reach 100 per cent availability.

Elsewhere in the region Singapore (86.6 per cent, 47.6Mbps) and Tokyo (96.3 per cent, 26.4Mbps) also performed well in the tests, which analysed data form 12 key cities in the Asia Pacific and ASEAN regions.

As one of the region’s most rapidly developing economies, Myanmar has invested heavily in connectivity in the past 2-3 years and its capital Yangon performed well in OpenSignal tests.

Yangon scored 82.8 per cent for 4G availability and a very respectable 27.2Mbps for overall download speeds. As a point of reference, the UK’s 4 mobile network operators all posted 4G availability rates for the city of London in a similar ball park – Three (79.4 per cent), O2 (83.2 per cent), Vodafone (85 per cent) and EE (88.8 per cent).


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