Press Release

Signalhorn, a provider of global network services and communications solutions, has selected Highlight’s real-time monitoring and reporting portal to provide enterprise-wide visibility of the managed services it delivers to clients.

Highlight will provide visibility across the many disparate vendors and technologies that Signalhorn employs including global providers of satellite, broadband, SD-WAN, cellular, and wireless services. Signalhorn’s operations team in Stuttgart, Germany will use Highlight to optimise these multiple carriers and technologies as well as share the portal’s real-time information directly with customers.

Michael Biederer, VP Operations and Customer Care at Signalhorn says, “Highlight has an impressive cloud-based portal. The easy-to-understand graphical display means our customers do not need an engineering background to understand how everything is performing. And our operations team gain a holistic view to ensure we are meeting our customers’ requirements.”

The initial focus of the partnership is to deliver real-time visibility into the services Signalhorn delivers to one of its petrol/gas station retail customers with 3500 locations across the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Hong Kong/Macau.

“With such a large global operation, our petrol/gas station customer wants an enterprise-wide view of how all their communications and services are performing. This includes the senior management team who want a clear, top-level visibility across all aspects of the operation. The country managers want to know that all station forecourts in each country are operating effectively, as do their on-site managers. At the company’s Headquarters, both the point-of-sales head, and the customer services manager need more detailed visibility and confidence that any communication issues are identified and dealt with swiftly.”

Michael concludes, “Highlight’s portal has virtually all the elements we need available off-the-shelf. We will now be working closely with Highlight’s experienced development team to further refine the portal to meet our specific requirements.”