Press Release

Simwood, the innovation-driven and straight-talking wholesale telephony provider, has today announced the launch of two Residential account types aimed at Partners who sell to the consumer market.

The 25 year old company acquired Sipcentric with its hosted VoIP platform in 2019 and has continued to invest in it seeing the doubling of Partners within last year. As service provider to many AltNet broadband providers, Simwood took on the challenge to design a suitable white-labelled voice solution for them to supply alongside their Gigabit broadband speeds. Whilst there is an increase in the availability of faster broadband connections, there hasn’t been a satisfactory alternative in the wholesale market to replace the copper phone line for the residential market reliant on it.

Simwood has re-imagined VoIP for the residential market and provides two account types that address different consumer needs. Firstly, billed as WLR4, the simple POTS replacement is called Residential and gives AltNets and resellers focussed on B2C telecoms, a suitable alternative to the PSTN – a single line with simple features.

Residential Plus, however, is a re-imagined service for a family. Designed for busy homes, it is a feature-rich solution that includes smartphone apps and enables the modern family to have full control, for example all family members taking the land-line anywhere in apps or giving Granny her own direct line in her annexe. End users can self-manage their needs within the web based portal so as to keep track of their bills and calls in real-time, reducing the dependence on Partner support resources.

CEO of Simwood, Simon Woodhead said, “VoIP has revolutionised business communications, in both cost and features, but home users have been left behind. We first show-cased our Residential solution at SimCon in early 2020 and it has had loads of work and customer trials since. As copper services get turned off and we move to full-fibre, we’re convinced this is the only technically viable solution in the market-place at a price point that enables Partners to both add disruptive value and massively grow ARPU, all entirely branded to them.”

Simwood’s refreshingly open and fair approach to Partners means that inclusive in the Residential platform is encrypted voice, fraud prevention and API integration as well as a rock-solid hosted PBX with superior functionality and user-friendly interfaces (for the Plus version). The service is customisable for partner branding and tariff creation too, so it simply adds to a partner’s existing products enabling them to easily stay in control of their customers. Simwood’s expert porting team champions Partners throughout the number porting process, which encourages end users to switch as many feel that their home phone number is as personal to them as their home address.

Those qualifying as a Simwood Partner will automatically gain access to the hosted Business phone system too with its wealth of features and interoperability. Partners benefit from the renowned Simwood secret sauce, the roadmap of the Partner platform developments and new features planned in the near future.