KT, SK Telecom and LG U+ all launched commercial 5G services in April 2019

Over 260,000 South Koreans have signed up for 5G services, since the country launched its next generation mobile networks last month.

South Korea became the first nation in the world to launch at-scale 5G, when it rolled out commercial services across the country on April the 3rd.  US telecoms giant, Verizon, also launched 5G services in the US on the same day but missed out on claiming the first-for-5G crown by just 2 hours.

South Korea’s big three mobile network operators have so far deployed 54,202 base stations to densify their fledgling 5G networks. Networks are being rapidly expanded, as the country looks to increase coverage and reliability. Last week, a total of 3,690 base stations were added, across the three networks.

KT has secured over 100,000 5G subscribers in its first month of operations, making it South Korea’s biggest telco for 5G. KT has enticed a huge number of subscribers by offering unlimited data tariffs on its 5G networks. KT’s unlimited packages offer unlimited 5G data, with international roaming in 185 countries, according to a report by ZDNet.

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