Google and Sparkle have announced they are collaborating to build and operate two new submarine cable systems. The first system named Blue will connect Italy, France, Greece and Israel and the second cable called Raman will link Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Oman and India.

Expected to be ready for service by 2024, both cables will be equipped with 16 fibre optic pairs and will adopt the open cable model. The consortium members also announced their hope to make additional landings and connect the two systems through terrestrial network assets in the future.
According to Sparkle, within the Blue system, Sparkle’s existing private cable BlueMed will also share its wet components with four additional fibre pairs and an initial design capacity of more than 25 Tbps per fibre pair. It will be extended to Jordan with additional private branches into France, Greece, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Turkey, Cyprus and other locations in due course.
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