We meet the startup on a mission to connect mobile network operators with owners of real-estate assets

Tell us about your start up
Sitenna is a digital platform that brings site acquisition and management into the modern era. Our platform empowers the stakeholders across the industry to meet the challenges and capture the opportunities of the expected explosion in sites not just for 5G today, but for future network technologies.

Our enhanced digital search speeds up the process from months to minutes, and we love working with emerging technologies such as digital twins to enhance the experience. Our collaborating assessment tools dramatically improve workflows across organisations and with external contractors preventing spreadsheet overload or miscommunication. Our secure negotiation and contracting platform speed up locking in the sites, providing enhanced audit and governance. And our digital site management enable digital access management, lease management, communications and payments across the whole portfolio.

All of our tools integrate into our intuitive, digital marketplace speeding up the transaction process from 2 years to a matter of weeks, whilst supporting greatly improved ongoing access and lease management.
Our customers include mobile operators, regional carriers and private networks; tower providers, neutral hosts and OpenRAN; landlords, aggregators, municipalities and utilities. Sitenna is live in the UK and is poised to launch in the US in 1Q22

What is your USP, how do you stand out from your competition?
Sitenna is a neutral platform built specifically to streamline the process of site search, acquisition and management. We do not hold our own inventory and our platform can be used by all parties in the acquisition process.
Sitenna Project Athena
What is your relationship with the telecom sector?
We support each stakeholder group of the site management process, from landlords and aggregators, to infrastructure providers and neutral hosts, to wireless carriers and IoT providers. Our goal is to streamline the process of site acquisition and management for all stakeholders so that more capex is spent on technology and not on the process itself.

We provide a neutral platform for landlords and aggregators to market and monetise their assets and leases; we support TowerCo’s and Neutral Hosts to both acquire sites and market and monetise their portfolios; and we support wireless carriers and operators to greatly speed up the process of site acquisition and management, whilst reducing costs, that will underpin the increase in sites needed to provide Next Generation Networks. We are a neutral platform and have not taken any financing from any of the stakeholder groups.

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How have you got to your current stage of development
We developed our Beta product during late 2020/early 2021 and tested it with some UK stakeholders. In June 2021, we were accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator programme in Silicon Valley which has significantly increased our rate of growth. Y Combinator, Samsung NEXT and Merus Capital lead our Seed investment along with an amazing group of UK and US angels, which has given us the firepower to accelerate our business, particularly launching in the US market

Why did you establish the business?
Most of the team are from Spectrum, M&A and Consulting background having worked on over $150bn in deals in over 40 countries. We were tired of seeing the painful process of deploying mobile sites and the costs associated with the search, acquisition and management of these assets. We decided to develop the platform to streamline this process so that more spend could go into improving the networks and rolling out Next Gen technology, rather than site search and acquisition. The explosion in sites required for 5G and small cells globally meant that the time was right to build the platform.

Who inspired you?
We have seen how digital platforms can transform industries and wanted to replicate this. Daniel and Brian are serial entrepreneurs having founded and worked in an number of start ups in the past, including having successful exits. The team wanted to apply this learning to our deep industry knowledge to change how future networks are built

What does the future hold for your business?
With the expansion into the US market, our geographic growth will be focused on North America and Europe. We will continue to develop products across our stakeholders groups as the business develops.

LAST FUNDING TYPE: Seed funding of $2.1m led by Samsung, Merus Capital and Y Combinator
Daniel Campion, CEO  
Brian Sexton, CTO  

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