Press Release

Today at ITU Telecom World which is taking place this week in South Korea, award-winning Ghanaian IT and Telecoms vendor, Subah unveiled its new Mobile Money Monitoring Suite (M3).

M3 provides Governments and their telecom regulators with the full visibility they need to monitor all mobile money transactions initiated or completed in their country. M3 protects consumers against fraud and identity theft – and tackles tax evasion, money laundering and revenue leakage.

Subah has an outstanding track record in developing products and services to help combat telecom fraud. Earlier this year, Subah was named as one of Africa’s trusted and Fastest Growing Tech Companies by EBA Oxford whilst Falcon Research named Subah as the best Revenue Assurance Company in Africa.

Mr. Birendra Sasmal, CEO of Subah, said “The ability to receive and send money from our mobiles is a truly life-changing development. However, its success poses multiple regulatory, taxation, and compliance issues for regulators, tax administrators and banks across the world. M3 gives them the tools to tackle all of these issues.”

The Subah M3 Suite

– Captures, analyses and records all Mobile Money transactions including information about the sender, receiver and operator

– Automatic reporting of high-value and repeat transfers to individuals and businesses

– Summary of MM service charges applied by all operators

– Extensive web-based reporting features to enable sophisticated tracking and measurement of all MM transactions

– A stand-alone system installed at the NOC of Mobile Network Operators

Compatible with all existing MM platforms and fully customisable for different Mobile Banking regulatory frameworks

Subah is a sponsor of this week’s ITU Telecom World and will be demonstrating M3 on its stand – number 1371 and on the Ghana Pavilion.

Biren is participating in a panel session today about the new and emerging skills requirements of the digital era, and how training providers such as the ITU’s Centres of Excellence can best address these skills challenges.

About Subah – improving the lives of Africans today and generations to come

Established in 2009, Subah exists to help customers in both the public and private sectors solve the complex problems associated with the rapid growth in Africa’s population and economy.

Subah provide a wide range of IT solutions and manufacturing capabilities to organisations of all sizes across both the public and private sectors.

Subah is an African company investing heavily in both its people and the development of innovations to solve problems that are being experienced not only in Africa but across the world.

Its customers include telecom operators, the Governments of Ghana, Sierra Leone and Guinea, banks and other corporations.

Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, The Subah Group employs some 350 people with offices in Guinea, Sierra Leone, NYC and Dubai.

Subah is privately owned and part of The Jospong Group, one of Ghana’s largest companies.