Over the last few years, Switzerland’s Sunrise UPC has differentiated itself from its peers by focusing on network quality, especially in 5G.

This strategy is helping the Communications Service Provider (CSP) increase its profitability by garnering a dramatic increase in the proportion of 5G users on its network. 

Sunrise decided to focus on the 5G coverage and network performance to build a robust foundation for its business. As a result, till end of Nov 2021, the number of 5G users on Sunrise’s network is reaching over 20%, and it now contributes more than 14% of the total 5G traffic on the telco’s network. Further, its network now covers more than 1000 cities/towns, covering more than 96% of the country’s population, providing 5G speeds with a maximum speed of nearly 2Gbps. 

“We have a very simple strategy. We believe an outstanding network quality is the basis for business success. And consequently now, being first on 5G is important to maintain the network quality leadership,” says Elmar Grasser, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Sunrise, while speaking at Huawei’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) event. 

This emphasis on coverage and network quality has helped it emerge as the only mobile network in Switzerland that has been awarded an “Outstanding” network six times in a row in the tests conducted by Connect in partnership with Umlaut. Further, Sunrise is the only operator in the entire European region to achieve the “Outstanding” comprehensive score five times in a row, ranking first in many years. Sunrise is also helping Switzerland to make a mark in 5G since the country led and achieved the highest level in the analysis of 5G results.

“Our postpaid subscribers have grown by 50% since the time we went to Stock Market in 2015. We have had 59% more customers on our fixed network. This strategy of having very good network pays back. Further, our 5G traffic is growing at 10%. Sunrise continues the strategy and pursues to build a zero-defect Swiss quality 5G innovative network,” says Grasser.

Opensignal, which examines customers’ actual experience with mobile networks in its periodic reports and analyses, in its report, Switzerland 5G Experience Report November 2021, says that Sunrise UPC provides the best 5G speeds and the best 5G availability in the country, which means that no other service provider offers more or faster 5G connections (on average). For this reason, it declared Sunrise UPC 5G network as the winner in all seven Opensignal 5G categories. Furthermore, sunrise UPC also emerged as Switzerland’s best 5G network for mobile gaming and video applications.

Setting New Benchmarks in 5G Coverage and Data Rates 

Whether 5G coverage area or 5G data rates, Sunrise is delivering exceptional results. Connect magazine says, “When taking both the 5G coverage area and 5G data rates into account, Sunrise comes on top.” In addition, the CSP has achieved more than 800Mbps average download speed in the Umlaut’s download data speed test. 

What is even more commendable is that Sunrise has managed to achieve these results with significantly less spectrum and sites than its competitor, Swisscom. With 25% less spectrum and 40% fewer sites than Swisscom, Sunrise just has a 10-point gap from Swisscom. Sunrise scored 296 out of 300 for voice, 433 out of 450 for data and 237 out of 250 for crowdsourcing, to make a total of 966 out of 1000. Sunrise is the only CSP in Switzerland and the entire DACH region, which refers to the three central European countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, exceeding the 90% mark for 5G downloads in larger cities. 

“Despite the intense ongoing competition, Sunrise UPC was able to further drive its market momentum and again gain market share. This was due in particular to the reliability of our infrastructure and services and our consistent positioning as a quality provider. The fact that this assessment is shared by both private and business customers is demonstrated by our growth, as is the fact that we have once again received an award in the largest annual and independent market survey – the BILANZ Telecom Rating 2021. Our operating and financial results continue to develop according to plan and Sunrise UPC remains the pacesetter in the Swiss telecom market,” says Andre Krause, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sunrise UPC, at the time when Sunrise UPC announced its Q3 results in November 2021.

Best-in-class 5G network coverage and data rates continue to ensure that Sunrise’ is able to accelerate the rapid development of the country’s 5G ecosystem even as it delivers an exceptional experience to its subscribers. It already boasts of more than 43,200 mobile post-paid subscribers in 2021. Further, the third quarter last year recorded revenue of CHF 762.5 million because of growth in consumer mobile revenue from increased post-paid service revenues and the business-to-business wholesale mobile business. 


Sunrise UPC has gained a business edge over its competitors by a razor-sharp focus on 5G network coverage and 5G data rates. The Umlaut’s ranking of “Outstanding”, the sixth time in a row, reiterates that Sunrise UPC’s simple but effective strategy of differentiating based on network performance is reaping benefits and has put it ahead of its competitors. With this early mover advantage, Sunrise will be able to accelerate the rapid development of Switzerland’s 5G ecosystem and also set the ground for continuous success in 5G.