Press Release

TeamViewer, a leading global software provider for digital networking and collaboration, announced today that its software has reached yet another triumphant milestone with 1.5 billion devices activated and powering more than 4.0 billion remote sessions in the last 12 months, making TeamViewer the most-used provider on the market.

As a global leader in remote access and online collaboration software, TeamViewer’s software has been activated on more than 1.5 billion devices, demonstrating the power and reach of its platform, as well as its steadily growing popularity amongst private and business users in a short period of time. TeamViewer empowers people across the globe to stay connected, enabling them to share ideas and work more efficiently. Additionally, its secure remote desktop access and support functionalities allow support teams to address technological issues on devices in real time.

“I applaud our team for the work they’ve done to make sure our technologies are effective and easy to use,” said Andreas König, CEO of TeamViewer. “Reaching 1.5 billion TeamViewer activations is a tremendous achievement for us as we look towards increasing our user base. We will continue putting our customers at the core of our business, ensuring that we are improving and advancing our technologies to meet their needs.”

In 2015, after 10 years in business, TeamViewer was activated on 1 billion devices and has increased by an additional 500 million in only twenty months. A major factor in TeamViewer’s success is its freemium approach, permitting private users to access TeamViewer’s basic offerings free of charge. This approach has generated a loyal user base that provides invaluable feedback, allowing TeamViewer to better understand how the market responds to its product while ensuring the highest quality for its users. Additionally, the freemium approach has led to interest from commercial users, who recognise the business benefits of the software, as well as the widespread use of TeamViewer across the globe.

TeamViewer supports an extensive array of platforms to servers to a variety of mobile devices and continues to push for new technological advances to suit its customers. The company is quick to adapt and incorporate market trends into its product, marking its commitment to innovation.