The FCC is currently investigating a number of Chinese companies on the grounds that they pose a threat to the US’ national security, though many analysts suggest that the US is simply using the situation as leverage for its trade talks with China

US Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, has said that the US Department of Commerce has found no evidence that Huawei poses any threat to US national security. 

Speaking after the announcement that the US was close to finalising a deal that would overturn a banning order against Huawei’s compatriot ZTE, Ross said that the DoC could find no evidence of any wrong doing by Huawei. 

In an exclusive interview with US broadcaster CNBC, Ross was asked whether he had uncovered any concerns about Huawei during his investigation US – Chinese trade relations. 

"Yes, I’ve heard a lot of the rumours about Huawei. As of this moment I don’t believe that our department has found any violation by Huawei," he said.   

Last week, Huawei hit back against allegations by the FCC that it posed a threat to US national security, calling the US regulator’s investigation "arbitrary and capricious".

"Huawei applauds the Commission’s objectives of protecting the nation’s communications networks and supply chain, but the mechanism by which the Commission aims to do so—i.e., blacklisting a handful of suppliers—is both improper and imprudent for multiple reasons," Huawei said in a public statement.