The operator is on track to become the first in the country to launch 5G standalone (SA) on a large scale on Germany’s intercity train routes 

Vodafone Germany has announced that it has activated its 5G SA network on over half of the country’s railway lines, or 15,000km of railway lines. 

In April last year, the operator partnered with Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s leading railway operator, to close any remaining gaps in Vodafone’s network on railway routes throughout the country. 

The goal of the collaboration is that that Vodafone will provide Deutsche Bahn’s busiest routes with large-scale SA 5G along routes connecting the country’s major cities by 2025. 

 So far, the partnership has delivered notable results. Over 1,800 of the country’s 3,250 train stations now have 5G coverage, including over 600 with indoor 5G coverage. 

Since the beginning of the year, the firm have also built 225 new mobile sites on railway lines to reinforce the long-distance train routes by closing the “dead spots” on the lines. 

“Especially on trains, it is notoriously difficult to provide good and reliable network coverage for passengers,” said Tanja Richter, Vodafone Germany’s Network Director in a statement. 

“Thanks to the new buildings and the numerous modernisation measures on the existing antennas, we were able to noticeably improve the mobile phone coverage for rail passengers and commuters.” 

Richter notes that there is still much work to be done before all the railway routes can be provided with a fast and stable connection. 

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