Press Release

x-Mobility and Vyke have today announced that they have signed two new deals to provide them with new number ranges in the Asia-Pac region. These deals will see the further global expansion of the AppVNOTM service through the offering of local numbers for both Australia and Vietnam.

Vyke ( will now be able to expand its offering to users wanting to have an Australian or Vietnamese mobile number, in additional to their current number or numbers, on their existing device. This will appeal in particular to people who will be travelling in and out of the Asia-Pac region once the global Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, or to ex-pats who want to be able to have a local number for calling back ‘home’.

The x-Mobility ( offering will also now increase to brands and challenger MNOs that want to target users in the region, or that want to reach the large international diaspora from both Australia and Vietnam.

“AppVNO has always been a global offering, allowing anyone to connect with friends, family and business contacts all over the world. We’ve now made that connection even easier and closer for people from Australia and Vietnam, or those wanting to get in touch with people there,” said Iqbal Marica, VP Asia-Pac at x-Mobility.

The new number ranges will help Vyke’s continued growth of subscriber numbers. Within less than three months Vyke has increased its average new net additions by over 50% to 75,000 per quarter. Vyke has seen huge recent growth in markets such as Nigeria, Pakistan and India and now expects similar growth from Australia and Vietnam.

“Users are flocking to Vyke and brands and MNOs are turning to x-Mobility to help them launch AppVNO services,” continued Marica. “Our further expansion into Asia-Pac will only accelerate that.

Vyke is a digital MVNO service that is downloaded as an app and can be used to subscribe to multiple mobile numbers, in addition to sharing credit and making free calls and texts to other Vyke subscribers. The service has grown globally with almost zero marketing spend or activity and has seen word of mouth drive the download growth.

x-Mobility offers a white-labelled digital MVNO service that brands can launch to their own target audience.