The requirements of consumers, both individual and those from the enterprise market, are constantly growing. In order to meet them, telecommunications companies must revise their resources and approach. How can they focus on developing innovation, and at the same time pay attention to current relationships with partners and customers?

Challenges of the rapidly growing B2B and B2C industry markets

The needs of the modern consumer are changing rapidly, which means that companies from the telecommunications industry and more must react immediately to offer products tailored to meet these requirements. Increased competition does not make it easier to reach a selected group of recipients. How can you always stay one step ahead of your competitors?

It is crucial to focus on the endless possibilities that 5G network services provide, for example, creating network slices or private networks. Monetizing the network is not only an opportunity to gain new revenue streams, but also a challenge. Let’s consider how to ensure smooth cooperation between all parties involved in the provision of 5G services, for example in a stadium. It is important to understand the role of each of them, and then automate and streamline quoting and ordering for complex products. It may be helpful to provide end-to-end solutions to enterprise customers as well as other players involved.

Simple and ready-to-automate systems

Another way to develop innovation in your company may be to use comprehensive, ready-to-use tools that will also be flexible enough to allow various modifications in accordance with the wishes of clients from the enterprise sector and more.

Catalogs, for example, will allow you to create new services easily. The current trend is the drag and drop function, thanks to which you can drag the selected item from the catalog to a new service and thus extend it. It’s just like playing with blocks and building a new shape from the same set of toys.

The real power of artificial intelligence

In digitized telecommunications companies, it is often said that the heart of a given service or system is artificial intelligence (AI). But what does that really mean? Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) are able to support daily work carried out on the premises and in the field.

It can be said that, in the modern world, the knowledge of experts is a luxury that is difficult to access. Therefore, in order to ensure smooth operations, it is necessary to limit the need to use such experts. Artificial intelligence is perfect for this, as it allows you to automate the creation of new service topologies based on existing resources in near real time.

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