Press Release

XKL LLC, a leading provider of fiber optic networking systems, announces a new generation of amplifier products, integrated with the rest of the DarkStar family. XKL’s inline amplifier solutions are all Class 1M laser products, thus allowing for simple deployments and management. This integration of robust optical components and XKL’s optical engineering expertise enables network flexibility and makes XKL’s amplifiers ideal for long haul, regional, and shorter applications.

Businesses today not only have to accurately predict bandwidth capacity requirements, but also require solutions that offer network flexibility, with minimal latency. Complicated solutions simply do not work. High noise figures in amplifier solutions are a barrier for many long haul applications. XKL recognizes the importance of making deployments safe for IT technicians and low noise for increased network efficiency. Through its DarkStar Inline Amplifier solutions, the company extends its customers’ network reach without requiring optical engineering staff.

“Network flexibility and amplification manageability continue to be a key requirement for our customers,” explains Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect for XKL. “By using XKL’s DarkStar Inline Amplifiers, organizations are able to extend their metro and regional networks. Through a familiar router-like interface, and using standard protocols that easily integrate into network management schemes, our amplifiers are designed for agile transport requirements.”

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