Cox Mobile services are now available in all 18 states in which the operator has fixed line and cable TV offerings

This week, Cox Communications have announced the long-awaited launch of their mobile services, facilitated by a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) deal with Verizon.

Cox says their 4G and 5G mobile services will now be available throughout the 18 states in which they already offer fixed line services, building on the service’s soft launch in three locations last year.

The new mobile packages will only be available to customers who are already customers of their fixed line services, with Cox viewing the move to converged services as a key factor in customer retention.

“The convergence of wired and mobile communications has never been more important. Customers recognize Cox as a reliable provider of connectivity, so introducing a mobile phone offering was a natural extension of our services,” explained Mark Greatrex, president of Cox Communications.

Cox’s major fixed line rivals, Comcast and Charter Communications, both also have MVNO deals with Verizon and are operating their mobile services on a similar business model.

Cox’s MVNO launch has been a long time coming. Back in 2021, the company had already agreed to partner with Verizon to use the latter’s mobile network, planning to launch in three markets that October. However, T-Mobile rapidly drew Cox into a legal battle, saying that Cox was obligated to partner with them for their mobile network needs due to their previous relationship with Sprint.

Courts initially ruled in T-Mobile’s favour, but later overturned the decision following appeals, leaving Cox free to proceed with Verizon.

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