Press Release

The network is the gateway to digital transformation, yet many organisations are inhibited by rigid and restrictive technology that prevents true innovation and growth. Future-forward enterprises are abandoning monolithic, one-size-fits-all networking products in favour of flexible solutions built and packaged for the specific needs in their business. Recognising this, Extreme Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: EXTR) today announced Extreme Elements™, a combination of software, hardware and services that can be mixed and matched to create customised solutions for enterprises in every industry.

Extreme Elements are components of Extreme’s Smart OmniEdge™, Automated Campus™ and Agile Data Center™ solutions – underpinned by human and machine intelligence – that give customers the building blocks they need to create autonomous networks capable of learning and self-correcting, and ultimately an autonomous enterprise where architecture, automation, and human intelligence operate in harmony. Unlike other networking architectures, Extreme Elements are intrinsically secure, and offer multi-vendor support in an open and standards-based ecosystem. Analytics, automation, security and IoT tools are the glue that bring distinct elements together, and include:
· Extreme Management Center™
o Network management software gives IT centralised management and end-to-end visibility, ensuring smooth operations and fast problem resolution.
· ExtremeAI™ Security
o New application leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver deep visibility and detection of malicious traffic, real-time monitoring of IoT devices for behavioural anomalies and automated remediation.
· Extreme Workflow Composer
o Network orchestrator allows organisations to implement automation at their own pace with turnkey, customisable or do-it-yourself network workflow automation, all supported in multi-vendor network environments.
· Extreme Software-Driven Infrastructure
o State-of-the-art edge, campus and data centre solutions enhanced with next-generation x86-based intelligent appliances, including the ExtremeCloud Appliance™, ExtremeSwitching™ X465 premium, stackable multi-rate gigabit Ethernet switch and the forthcoming ExtremeAccess™ platform — all of which offer container support to deliver computing power right to where you need it.
· ExtremeAnalytics™
o Network and application analytics software enables IT to understand which applications are running on the network, who is using them and the response time for each application so they can quickly detect anomalies and optimise application performance, from the edge to the data centre and into the multi-cloud.
· Defender for IoT™
o Endpoint security solution empowers enterprises to securely deploy unsecured IoT devices, while isolating them from other services. Defender for IoT can be deployed on any network and is so easy to use even non-technical staff at schools, hospitals, retailers and hospitality venues can use it to isolate and
protect both wired and wireless IoT devices from cyber attacks.

Software and hardware Elements are complemented by a robust portfolio of services and support provided by Extreme via its Professional Services organisation and its global partner community, and underscored by a collaborative, customer-driven approach. Anything is possible with the right combination of Elements.

Extreme Elements are on display in full-force at the Extreme Connect User Conference this week in Nashville, Tennessee. For more details, click here.

Executive Perspectives

Nabil Bukhari, Executive Vice President, Products, Extreme Networks
“For too long, networking vendors have allowed infrastructure to become a roadblock to customers’ most innovative ambitions. We’re introducing a powerful, self-driving network, fueled by Extreme Elements, that will allow enterprises to finally pursue the bold transformation projects they always wanted to. Leveraging our deep expertise in advanced, agile networking, and combining it with artificial intelligence and automation, we’re giving our customers the tools they need to deliver extraordinary human experiences. It’s a new era of networking.”

Pierre-André Rulmont, Vice President, Information Systems, Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company / Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB)
“The number of people using public transportation in Brussels is constantly rising, making it a real challenge for our systems to scale and for our people to manage operations during peak periods. With Extreme Elements such as Extreme Fabric Connect, we’ve integrated manual and automated processes to build a robust, scalable video surveillance network – called Mission Critical Network – to transport 1000’s of multicast video streams and support up to 15,000 IP cameras to control the traffic and ensure public safety. Ultimately, we’ve enabled real-time automated control of metro traffic, improving system uptime for our customers and freeing up IT resources to focus on creating new services.”

Andrew Grimm, Vice President of Information Technology, Bowen Center
“From the staff we employ to the innovative projects like telemedicine we’re piloting, Bowen Center is a different kind of healthcare provider, and we need a different kind of network — one that fits us. A one-size-fits-all networking solution simply doesn’t cut it. By combining a range of Extreme Elements that suit our specific needs, we can focus less on network management and more on providing the best and most secure patient care possible.”

Bob Laliberte, Practice Director and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
“Modern enterprises face a complex set of issues – from IoT proliferation to sophisticated security threats to data overload. Traditional networking technologies haven’t helped businesses navigate these issues – they’ve exacerbated them. Extreme’s decision to embrace automation and artificial intelligence is an important step for optimising network environments for current and future needs. As enterprises spanning all industries take the next step in their digital transformation journeys, it will require a mix of services, software, hardware and automation solutions. Extreme recognises this reality and Elements provides organisations a path to transformation and autonomous networking.”