Press Release

Gamma Communications plc (“Gamma”), a leading technology-based provider of communications services to the business markets in the UK and Europe, has signed a three-year strategic partnership with service-assurance specialist Highlight, building on the success of their existing six-year relationship.

Using Highlight’s services, Gamma has been able to build better relationships with its customers and enhance the service they deliver. The new deal gives Gamma full flexibility to continue providing Highlight’s clear visibility both to internal teams and to its Direct and Channel customers, while also making the service a standard part of its rapidly-expanding FTTP and FTTC products.

In its Direct division, Gamma tailors Highlight’s services to the specific needs of each customer, providing a single window through which Gamma and its customers can view an accurate picture of what is going on within their networks. The common perspective prompts open conversations and enables Gamma to strengthen its service delivery.

Highlight is also available across all of the Channel division’s Ethernet services. Through the new arrangement, Highlight will also be available across more non-Ethernet products including Broadband, FTTP networks as well as 4G and 5G connections, enabling Gamma to deliver the most flexible and intuitive solution to its Channel partners.

David Macfarlane, MD of Gamma Direct, says, “Our direct enterprise customers are especially reliant on their networks and communications for their businesses to function. They want to ensure maximum benefit from their investments in terms of performance and value for money. The Highlight platform is easy to understand and independently demonstrates the value a network delivers, enabling us to provide the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect.”

Daryl Pile, MD of the Channel division, adds, “With Highlight, our reseller partners have a higher level of insight into the performance of their networks. It gives them the information they need to deliver a true managed service, offering greater value to their end customers with networks that are more resilient and more reliable.

“Mobile and fibre to the premises represent a huge growth opportunity for both business and residential users. Highlight will play an important role as we expand into this emerging FTTP market. We forecast that half of our existing broadband customers will migrate to FTTP circuits over the next three to four years, and when they do, each will be equipped automatically with Highlight.”

Richard Thomas, founder and CEO of Highlight, says, “This new contract is a win for both sides, ensuring Highlight will be included in everything that Gamma offers both now and in the future. Highlight enables Gamma to share information with its customers in ways that facilitate straightforward discussions and strengthen the relationship. By stripping away confusing technical jargon, Highlight empowers Gamma’s salespeople to sell the best solutions, and service teams to deliver exceptional service. This means customers can really understand the value that their network delivers.”