Press Release

Enxoo, a Platinum Salesforce Partner and one of the leading providers of industry cloud solutions for telecommunications, has been chosen by HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage and infrastructure, for collaboration, jointly with Salesforce, to accelerate its digital transformation and deliver a better customer experience by optimising the interactions and relationships with customers and prospects in a highly streamlined way; enhances the whole quote-to-cash process; and takes marketing campaigns possibilities on a much higher level.

Enxoo provides HGC with a dedicated solution tailored to the needs of the Telecommunications industry, especially companies working in B2B and Wholesale sectors. The product – Enxoo for Communications – stands on the well-known and reliable technology of Salesforce(R). It greatly extends the standard CRM functionalities with industry-specific additions and presents automation in the fields of customer management, pricing, quoting, order management, advanced digital customer experience and others.

The solution will be extended with the new cutting-edge functionality – Vendors Management, created to match the business challenges of HGC. It simplifies the process of vendors management, including selecting the best vendors’ offer, storing suppliers’ information in one place, and building stronger relationships with them.

HGC’s digital customer experience fosters deeper clients’ loyalty and delights
The collaboration between HGC, Salesforce and Enxoo offers a rich set of open and modular cross-segmentation tools that will allow HGC to enhance its lead-to-order processes across all customer segments and enable much greater feasibility when responding to fast-changing customer needs, streamlining the provision of solutions for HGC’s customers internationally.

Extending price quoting and ordering capabilities
The collaboration offers omni-channel, configurable product and service catalogues, flexible pricing tools and quoting capabilities as well as the ability to automatically generate and manage customer service orders. HGC can now quickly respond to our customers’ requests for prices and quote for complex solutions, providing greater flexibility and facilitating efficient business decisions. With this capability multiple partners and customers can connect directly to access HGC’s pricing and sites and even place orders for HGC’s products and services. This enables customers to self-service and to automate their procurement and buying processes, as well as providing visibility to their own order status.

Collaborating to build comprehensive marketing campaigns
The powerful automated solutions will deepen HGC’s digital transformation and enable HGC to deliver connected, personalised and digital customer experiences — from web content, email and mobile messaging to digital advertising and more. These powerful automated solutions will enable HGC to create highly-targeted marketing and engagement programmes and to generate more meaningful insights about customers, eventually fostering the expansion of HGC’s product and service portfolio to better meet customers’ needs.

Jacqueline Teo, Chief Digital Officer of HGC said, “We are passionate in delivering a new level of personalisation, new ways of engagement for our customers, and in supporting our staff to embrace digitalisation. At every step of our digitalisation journey, HGC will strive to optimise our services and solutions and to equip ourselves to meet dynamic market needs in the digital era. In future, we will continue to further expand our ecosystem for much better customer experience.”

Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Office of Enxoo said, “We are excited to see how Enxoo for Communications helps HGC elevate the customer experience to the new levels and equips the company with the set of tools to make faster and better business decisions supporting dynamic expansion of the operator on the ICT market.”

About Enxoo
Enxoo is a provider of industry cloud solutions which delivers transformational projects to automate and simplify the quote-to-revenue process powered by Salesforce® technology. Enxoo is one of the largest and fastest developing independent telco Salesforce partners in Europe. Enxoo solutions are designed to help increase revenue and sales performance efficiency for companies from telecommunications and real estate industries. Enxoo offers also a holistic HR app – Skilo, horizontally suited to every business. Our primary goal is to enable the growth of our clients. The great value in perceiving the world from different perspectives we emphasize with our new visual identity. Enxoo is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with offices in the Czech Republic, Germany, and the USA.