Press Release

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration, announced today that Aisei Pharmacy Co., Ltd., which operates more than 300 dispensing pharmacies across Japan, chose the leading-edge Magic xpi Integration Platform to synchronize data between Marketo’s marketing automation software in the cloud and a proprietary CRM developed for pharmacy customer management.

Using Magic xpi to digitize each patient’s medical history, including prescription drugs, past illnesses and health checks, and linking it with Marketo’s marketing automation system, extends Aisei Pharmacy’s ability to provide one-to-one marketing, such as patient alerts and recommendations.

By choosing Magic xpi, which includes certified built-in connectors, Aisei Pharmacy was able to eliminate the need for costly and time consuming programming, while gaining the flexibility to respond to frequently changing sales promotions.

Magic xpi was also used to collect data regarding bank account withdrawals and to receive feedback regarding the payment collection status at each store. Thanks to Magic xpi’s unique real-time collaboration, Aisei Pharmacy is planning to add a feature to enhance customer service by providing personalized offers and recommendations.

“The ability to expand was one of the key factors in our decision to adopt Magic xpi. In the future, as the number of CRM systems and users increase we are confident that Magic xpi will scale up easily to handle increases in the volume of data processing,” stated Seiichiro Iimura, Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications Dept., Aisei Pharmacy.

“Digitizing the customer experience has become a key differentiator for the retail industry,” said Toshio Sato, President at Magic Software Japan. “We are proud to enable Aisei Pharmacy to integrate the wealth of customer data to provide exceptional customer service that provides them with a distinct competitive advantage.”