Press Release

HSL Mobile, a leading provider of SMS text messaging to organisations, have today announced that they will be providing free subscriptions to their emergency SMS communications tools in response to the Scottish Government’s new Fair Work Charter for Severe Weather which was published on Friday, 16th November 2018. HSL Mobile will provide services for free to organisations signing up over the winter period as part of their drive to help large and small organisations throughout the UK adopt the new Charter and enable them to communicate effectively with their employees during severe weather.

During winter 2017-2018, the UK was subjected to some of the worst weather and snowfalls of recent times after the ‘Beast from the East’ storm early 2018. Many businesses, schools and other organisations closed their doors during the storm. However, many trade unions and staff have complained about the treatment of some workers during the storm which has led to the Charter setting out fair work practices and recommends that all employers have a severe weather policy.

With winter 2018-2019 being predicted to be one of the coldest and harshest winters for a decade means that the ‘Beast from the East’ was not a one-off. Businesses need put plans in place now to minimise disruption and to ensure staff safety is prioritised. Organisations that have plans in place to enable quick communication with staff can save thousands of pounds over the winter period and allow for more effective business continuity plans in a crisis. Using SMS messaging can allow organisations to get a critical message rapidly to large or small groups of people.

HSL Mobile are offering their AlertBroadcast and WebSMS solutions free to employers to help them adopt the new Charter. These services will be provided with a number of SMS messages included without charge. To obtain the free service all organisations need to do is signup online at

The HSL Mobile AlertBroadcast for Business Continuity solution allows organisations to get a message out quickly to groups of people simply by sending one simple SMS text message from a mobile handset without the need for a computer or Internet access. This solution can greatly assist organisations in ensuring that business continuity plans are effectively executed, thus ensuring that loss of productivity is minimised.

Additionally, HSL Mobile’s WebSMS solution is an online portal that allows companies to logon from any device with internet capability and send SMS messages to predefined distribution lists, for example to staff lists, key stakeholders and customers. Further APIs are available for organisations to easily integrate into existing CRM and MIS systems making it extremely easy to implement such an important communications strategy.

Lynne Prowse, Managing Director, said: “Winter has come around quickly and based on predictions the weather in the UK is just going to continue to get worse. At HSL Mobile, our solutions can go a long way in assisting companies to communicate with their staff. The new Charter sets out guidelines for employers to prioritise the safety of workers and using SMS text messaging as a primary means of quickly and effectively communicating with staff can help ensure their safety.”

HSL Mobile has been relied on and trusted by many organisations since 1999 with many large enterprise customers such as DHL, John Lewis, NHS and Save the Children trusting them to deliver millions of messages per month.