Press Release

Mobileum Inc. (“Mobileum”), a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming, telco security and risk management solutions, is working with leading wireless operators and government agencies across the globe to keep the public informed of the latest COVID-19 health and safety advisories and information.

Government agencies around the world are looking for ways to keep the public informed about the latest updates related to COVID-19. Many of these agencies have created partnerships with wireless service providers, asking them to leverage their technology and networks to help during this critical time. Mobileum, having its technology deployed in most wireless operators, is providing the software tools needed to enable location-based public safety announcements on a massive scale.

Regional authorities are continuously adapting their health, safety and travel advice. Communication service providers can play a critical role in ensuring this information is disseminated to their subscribers over their mobile phones as they enter or leave a location or region. These could range from a ‘welcome home’ message that includes up-to-date information on recent self-isolation regulations, a link to a local government website with more information, or an emergency broadcast about travel restrictions.

“We want government agencies to understand that there are wireless technologies and solutions that can be quickly deployed to protect the public,” commented VVR Kishore, Chief of Roaming Business Unit at Mobileum. “As an example, Mobileum’s iCampaign solution enables service providers to send messages to their customers across SMS, USSD, Flash, Email, In-App, and RCS. Using geolocation, we can detect and segment subscribers as they travel both domestically and internationally, ensuring that the right messages are sent to the right users. This makes it quick and easy to manage advisory messages which can be automatically triggered when a subscriber enters or leaves a specified location.”

For more information on how Mobileum is working to effectively keep the public informed about important health and safety information, please visit our website.