Burkina Faso ranks last, charging customers more than $950 per month

The United Kingdom has been ranked as the 63rd cheapest country in the world for broadband services, according to a recent survey, with the average monthly subscription coming in at $40.65.

Conducted by broadband comparison service and research firm BDRC Continental, the survey ranked 196 countries by their average monthly cost for broadband, taking into account 3,351 different tariffs.

In comparison to its European neighbours, Britons seem to be getting a fair deal on price, with customers paying similar amounts in France ($36.28), Spain ($41.52) and The Netherlands ($47.61).  

Viewed from a global perspective, the report highlighted some surprising facts.

The cheapest country for broadband provision was Iran, charging its citizens just $5.37 per month for broadband access. The top of the league table was dominated by Eastern Europe, with Ukraine ($5.53), Russia ($9.98), Moldova ($10.86) and Belarus ($12.77) all in the top 10.

At the other end of the table, the West African nation of Burkina Faso propped up the 195 other countries with an average monthly cost of $962.41, making every other country in the world look cheap in comparison.

Meanwhile, when it comes to speed, a separate study from

in August placed the U.K. in 31st place with an average speed of 16.51 Mbps. That puts it marginally behind New Zealand (16.6 Mbps) and ahead of Monaco (16.13 Mbps). Topping the table is Singapore (55.13 Mbps), while Yemen ranks last (0.34 Mbps).