Total Telecom met up with Adtran regional CTO Ronan Kelly to discuss how fast the UK fiber broadband market has grown with the mobilization of both large incumbents and the dozens of new entrants

How close is the UK to meeting its 2025 target for full-fibre broadband? Mr. Kelly notes how the UK fiber broadband market by being late adopter was fortuitous in one very important way and why he believes the UK’s broadband market is suddenly ahead of many other European countries.

He also outlines what UK operators need to be focusing on in 2023? What he thinks of the chase for the next speed tier to support higher monthly tariffs and ability to differentiate your brand? With the Adtran – ADVA merger completed this summer; the interview captures thoughts on the ADVA opportunity for fibre broadband providers by outlining the unique solutions ADVA will bring to the Adtran end to end fiber networking portfolio.


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